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The greatest GOOD is what we do for one another..

Truth is available and worth finding!

I’m not sure how many people actually wonder and try to figure out why life is so crazy and chaotic, but I did. I never gave up looking for solutions…always believing there was a way out of the chaos!! There is a path and truth is available! It saddens me to know that...

Solutions to mental health- Think ethics

If people look for healthy and holistic solutions, they will find solutions to their mental health (& body health). It’s fantastic! We can find solutions and hopefully avoid use of harsh drugs. In my early twenties, I recall searching and searching for a...

Human rights in mental health treatment!?

We all have human rights! If you take some time to read the declaration of human rights that was signed in France after a few terrible war atrocities like hitler, we will all be reminded!! Still today people and children are being detained (jailed), against their...

Are there other options to Mental Hospitals?

20 years ago- I had a wonderful mother and then she was gone…why? What is this mental illness thing? Psychiatrists said she had to take medicine but I didn’t understand how this doctor could be so sure she should take medicine when there was no test to prove why...

Is mental illness real?

Yes & no. The symptoms of mental illness that people (or children) experience are definitely real. Mental illnesses and the treatments are highly debated. Most psychiatrists and doctors explain that the body’s biochemistry, supposedly seen, in dopamine &...


If you are someone that has been on medication for a long time, please refer to the resource list and consult your doctor for the safest ways to get off the psychotropic drugs. Nothing on this site should be considered medical or legal advice.

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