Human rights in mental health treatment!?

We all have human rights! If you take some time to read the declaration of human rights that was signed in France after a few terrible war atrocities like hitler, we will all be reminded!!

Still today people and children are being detained (jailed), against their will, all over the world, for various non-criminal reasons.

I’m almost every city across America people (& including children) are being put in mental hospitals without committing a crime. This is an outrageous human rights violation!

If someone (including children) is diagnosed with depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, adhd, oppositional defiance disorder or even has an emotional outburst- that person can and will be violated- given harmful psychiatric drugs and even shocked!?!? The DSM (diagnostic statistical manual) is extremely big now and filled with any sort of diagnosis from shopping disorder to homicidal tendencies disorder and people that kill other people should go to jail, for the record.

There’s even a DSM that exists for very young children.

All of this is not okay. The educational system is responsible for training medical doctors incorrectly but who is responsible for why those medical books exist?

My guess is drug companies and the stock holders- just follow the massive amounts of money being made off human rights abuses.

Come on everyone. We can’t tolerate this. We deserve freedom. As long as people are jailed in mental hospitals and given abusive treatment, we aren’t free- because at any moment any of us can be effected by that terrible experience with a lifetime of trauma.

Right now- CCHR is in Tallahassee Florida taking time politicians about banning ECT. It’s unbelievable to me that in 2020 our society is still doing this!?

ECT is shock treatment everyone. Sure, it may look different with cute wires and little stickers on the body, but it’s shock treatment! & It’s used on children!?! Okay so no obvious seizures happen at the time of the shock due to the muscle relaxant drug given as part of the treatment, but the seizure still occurs in the body.

Wishing you all much love in this mental health journey…it pains me to know you’re being hurt.

There should be alternative solutions to harmful psychiatric treatments offered for each and every mental health issue.

I hope, pray/postulate that we get to a healthy place in society more quickly so less people and children are hurt.

Are we truly being aware of mental health if we’re allowing shock treatment to occur on a child that has behavior problems?


Take care of yourself please! Let’s take more walks and take B1 vitamin!