Are there other options to Mental Hospitals?

20 years ago- I had a wonderful mother and then she was gone…why? What is this mental illness thing? Psychiatrists said she had to take medicine but I didn’t understand how this doctor could be so sure she should take medicine when there was no test to prove why medicine was necessary. Most of my family agreed with the doctor, out of fear I presumed, and I began a journey to seek the truth.

In my 20s, I would sit at my computer crying and looking for solutions to this problem- I want a mom but she has been diagnosed with a mental illness and it doesn’t make sense when my dad seems to be a major issue. 

Are there other options to mental hospitals? Why is my mom not doing well and why doesn’t the medicine help her get better? It seemed I was the only one confused about this non medically proven drugging solution. 
My mom was hospitalized over and over again in mental hospitals and she didn’t get better from it; she got worse. Psychiatric treatment took my mom’s life.

So I ask you…is there anyone out there that’s confused about the continuous drugging solution for mental health?

Do people notice the issue? That they go to the doctor to get help and then years later, their life still suxks because the psychotropic drug doesn’t work or maybe it’s worse & for sure they’re addicted to a drug!? 

I hope this terrible situation turns around soon. I’d like to help you and your loved ones to avoid getting caught in the drug scam and in the unfortunate mess of mental hospitals.