Our Kids are our Future

We, as a community, need to address the situation with Foster kids!

I know it’s hard to believe but there is about a 50% chance a child is put on harmful psychotropic
medication once in Foster Care.



There are various assessments, including mental health evaluations, coupled with a diagnosis
that often comes with a prescription for a harmful medication. & then Mental Hospitals are used
with kids. Unbelievable but true! Honestly there needs to be a complete body health check by a
Doctor that follows the hippocratic oath with a commitment to investigating solutions without
detrimental effects.

I know it’s outrageous and grotesque that this is happening to our kids, but we can reform
mental health together. Together we can do anything. We must work together so chemical
restraints and mental hospitals aren’t utilized as a barbaric method of control.

Let’s avoid drugging our kids please!

Let’s make the Foster’s Children’s Bill of Rights a law! This reform has to do with me and you.
Here is a link for your perusement or implementation in your state:


Among the rights listed in this bill are:

  • The right to be provided with healthy food.
  • To be free of the administration of psychotropic medication or chemical substances unless the
    administration of such medication or substances is authorized by a parent or the court.
  • To be able to contact the children’s ombudsman regarding violations of rights; to speak to the
    ombudsman (public advocate) confidentially; and to be free from threats or punishment for
    making complaints.

The rights listed above are important due to the fact that it is now coming to light that some behaviors long diagnosed as mental disorders may simply be normal responses to life events and it has been known for a very long time that actual physical ailments are often misdiagnosed as mental illness.

Our kids are the future! Things need to improve so we, as a community, are truly caring for kids.

A child deserves a good meal plan, any sort of detox done in case drugs were used during suspected abuse, vitamins and minerals given to sort out any deficiencies. All of these are imperative to a healthy body and a healthy body is imperative to good mental health & Before any sort of harmful drug is even considered, allergy tests should be done to ensure behavior issues aren’t actually food reactions. Food intolerances causing behavior issues in kids are common knowledge now and can just be googled. Body health must be improved so mental health improves, and chemical restraints cease to exist.

I’m a Human Rights advocate to reform mental health and improve treatment in the system.

Kids will be kids. Foster kids need our love.
Our community needs mental health reform where human rights are upheld.

Please let me know if there are any questions/comments. Your help is needed.

Please contact me for any mental health coaching!

Blessing to all & Cheers to a better future where kids are loved and not drugged.

Love your advocate friend, Miriam