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“Avoid a crisis by finding alternative solutions to mental health. Navigate your personal journey through solutions that actually work!!”


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Experiencing the mental health system motivated me to be an advocate for others. I experienced intense emotional pain watching my mom go through the trauma of the mental health system atrocities and mine & my family’s struggle over wanting to help her with this ineffective solution.
In 2001, my mom lost her father plus a few close friends, was experiencing a tough marriage and was going through hormone changes. Basically- she was exhibiting instability, which translated to many mental illness diagnosis’ and ineffective and cruel psychiatric treatment.


Parent Consulting

Helping parents navigate the mental health system is extremely important.

Mental Health awareness seminars for Parents, Schools & Companies

Legal Matters Regarding Mental Health

Finding a good attorney to help with a crisis & mental hospital issue.

Life Coaching

I provide personal and family coaching, help with finding an attorney and more:

Alternative Solutions

Learn the alternatives to drugs and harmful treatments and learn about your rights:


“In my work with Miriam and CCHR over the last year, I have found her to be a tireless advocate for consumers of “mental health services”, with a thorough knowledge of how the system works or often does NOT work. She turned her own pain and frustration in attempting to get help for her mother into an opportunity to help others navigate a system that, without the knowledge and resources she has developed, can be overwhelming and lead to negative outcomes.”

— Dan Kane, 25 Years as a LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor).


If you are someone that has been on medication for a long time, please refer to the resource list and consult your doctor for the safest ways to get off the psychotropic drugs. Nothing on this site should be considered medical or legal advice.

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