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Experiencing the mental health system motivated me to be an advocate for others. I experienced intense emotional pain watching my mom go through the trauma of the mental health system atrocities and mine & my family’s struggle over wanting to help her with this ineffective solution.
In 2001, my mom lost her father plus a few close friends, was experiencing a tough marriage and was going through hormone changes. Basically- she was exhibiting instability, which translated to many mental illness diagnosis’ and ineffective and cruel psychiatric treatment.
Needless to say, I was introduced to the incredibly broken system.
Over the following sixteen years, my mom was hospitalized almost 20 times against her free will with countless human rights abuses plus two guardianships through court where psychotropic drugs were mandated. During this time, our entire family went through extreme heartache and emotional agony.

In the beginning stages of the psychiatric fiasco, I looked for other solutions and questioned the psychiatrist why is a drug the solution to my mom’s situation and why are there no medical tests to prove that she has a mental “illness”.
I never got an answer for WHY there’s no test to prove a mental illness is real and drugs are necessary.
I became extremely determined to understand the problem and find real solutions to mental health issues.
Unfortunately my mom died in 2017.



Psychiatric treatment does not produce success stories- none that I have read or witnessed. Loosing my mom to psychiatric treatment is the product of the current and incredibly broken mental “health” system.

I understand the system now and what individuals and families are going through. I am dedicated to helping people avoid a terrible experience. I have an inside understanding and knowledge of the psychiatric industry. This is why I am dedicated to educating people regarding mental health laws with Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

I wish I had found CCHR before the crisis with my mom occurred or at least simultaneous to it. I would’ve been able to help my family navigate the confusion to a much healthier outcome.
Please contact me if you have questions and/or concerns. Wishing you success in this journey!! Kindly, Miriam


  • Volunteers for Citizens Commission on Human Rights in Florida. CCHR is a mental health watchdog non profit that works to protect human rights in the mental health field.
  • Certified through DCF (Department of Child and Family) in the mental health law in FL- called the Baker Act.
  • Certified as a Notary.
  • Volunteers as a Guardian ad Litem, a court appointed advocate for foster children, as well.
  • My profession is a technically trained coach/counselor that’s protected under religious law- meaning- can not be subpoenaed to testify regarding a client/situation so an individual’s privacy is protected personally and professionally. I adhere to a strict ethical code that protects the individual and any information disclosed.

I have worked and volunteered with charities for about twenty years and received a B.A. in Communication Studies from Cal State Northridge.


If you are someone that has been on medication for a long time, please refer to the resource list and consult your doctor for the safest ways to get off the psychotropic drugs. Nothing on this site should be considered medical or legal advice.

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