Truth is Available and Worth Finding!

I’m not sure how many people actually wonder and try to figure out why life is so crazy and chaotic, but I do. I never gave up looking for solutions. I’ve always believed there is a way out of the chaos!! There is a path and truth is available!

It saddens me to know that there are people out there looking for a path to truly find their individual version of peace. Then they end up at an MD’s office where the MD offers them their first prescription to a lifetime of psychiatric drugs.

Maybe the drug gives the individual relief initially, but the drug’s horrible long term effects are inevitable.

There are NO long term studies for the actual harm created on the body and mind that would justify the drugs being prescribed. Even the short term medical studies prove psychiatric drugs have extremely harmful effects- like suicide! And we’re supposed to believe that children and adults should take psych drugs if they’re depressed or if they have any of the mental illnesses named in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM)!?

I wish we, society as a whole, would demand better health for each other!! One day ethics will be followed in the medical industry and the Hippocratic Oath will be followed and taken seriously.

People have got to stop taking drugs to feel a fake relief that inevitably wreaks the body, depletes all natural stores of vitamins and minerals, and creates even more terrible mental effects than the person anticipated, finally ruining the spiritual being’s chance of living a happy and successful life.

Do yourself a favor and look up the definition of psychology and you will find that the study of the soul is the basic definition of psychology. I ask you…how do psychiatric drugs help the soul? The answer is: harmful drugs do not help the soul, mind or body.

Sending much love to all of you, special souls, that are searching for the truth…xoxoxo
The first step is a healthy body without harmful drugs and the next step is spiritual freedom from the bad part of the mind.

Message me and I will help you.

Thinking of you and your spiritual journey…your advocate friend, Miriam