Solutions to mental health- Think ethics

If people look for healthy and holistic solutions, they will find solutions to their mental health (& body health). It’s fantastic! We can find solutions and hopefully avoid use of harsh drugs.

In my early twenties, I recall searching and searching for a professional to help my mom (who was unfortunately diagnosed with various disorders like bipolar) that wouldn’t use psychotropic drugs- it was like trying to find a “needle in a haystack”.

Now, we’re blessed because we can find the answers if we KNOW to look. There are many integrative and holistic psychiatrists now- some of these doctors are extremely opposed to using the harmful drugs. The terrible side effects are published online from non profit sites to government sites.

Unfortunately, right now, with the pandemic crisis, there are tests being done on psychotropic drugs for a corona virus treatment. ;(

I pray/postulate MDs continue to ban together to truely help people and follow their code of ethics. I love seeing the videos of MDs standing up for what’s right, which is some of the good news of what’s occurring with this pandemic.

As the ethical MD movement grows and continues, people won’t be advised to take harmful and highly addictive drug from their doctor.

People experiencing sleep issues or life stress will be kindly advised by their doctors to go on walks, take lots of vitamins, workout, and listen to music. I look forward to the day when all doctors give healthy advice. I look forward to the day when people can easily get to real solutions for mental health.

Our minds, bodies & souls need nourishment and real tools to improve.

I am here to help guide you if you’d like the help and hopefully help anyone avoid harm done to themselves or someone they love in the name of help. True help is available.

Right now we’re looking into alignment with individuals that have the ethical and holistic vision of promoting true body health and mental health. We envision a sane world. People deserve the truth. ????????????????

Don’t ever stop looking for truth!!

Love your advocacy friend, Miriam