Is Mental Illness Real?

Yes & no. The symptoms of mental illness that people (or children) experience are definitely real. Mental illnesses and the suggested treatments are highly debated.

Most psychiatrists and doctors explain that the body’s biochemistry (supposedly measured in dopamine & serotonin), is imbalanced and how psychotropic drugs will correct that “problem” and then the person will miraculously feel better. But people feeling better miraculously is NOT the reality. The belief that biochemistry is the sole influencer of one’s mental state only justifies the use of harmful drugs.

Unfortunately for the public – mental health conditions have been conflated with solely biochemical causes, and this is an untruth. There is no scientific test that proves mental illness (“behavior issues”) is in fact a genetic defect or disorder.

With that being said, an unhealthy body can create negative “mental health.” It is widely known now that vitamin deficiencies mimic “mental illness”- this is why Dr. Hyla Cass, renowned non drugging psychiatrist, has had great success treating people with vitamins and minerals.

Drugs were invented to be used in emergencies- not for any and every condition. This is unfortunately the biggest lie justified by drug companies and many doctors. The lie is that, once a patient is diagnosed with a mental illness, that patient must now take a prescription for it, indefinitely. Confronting the reality of why that untruth exists is not easy for most of us— because who wants to believe pharmaceutical companies mainly exist to generate profit?

This documentary explains how the drug companies are making tons of money on people’s suffering.

My perspective is: a person’s experiences & feelings are real, as well as the environmental and life disturbances are real; the family’s viewpoint on what is normal for their loved one is real; the general public’s concern about safety is real. All of these can be very scary and extremely unsettling but that does not excuse the current mental health treatment creating human rights violations. Money being generated based on continued mental suffering must change. The products of the current mental health system are atrocious and the system needs an overhaul.

We need love, understanding and life tools to overcome challenges. We don’t need to be drugged or shocked into oblivion to only then be a robot body picking up a harmful drug from a pharmacy. I dream of a world that has de-stress holistic centers in place of mental hospitals. This would definitely improve the stigma surrounding mental health.
Our society could show care for each other if mental hospitals gave healthy food and vitamin drips instead of drugs and shock treatment.

A person must deal with their life, confront & handle whatever is making them feel a certain, non optimum way. Drugging a person instead of helping a person unravel their stress is inhumane. I’ve spoken to many mental health professionals that wish their clients weren’t on drugs since drugs actually impair a person’s abilities and thwart their specific therapy.

A highly & specially trained individual is the only way I found that works to help the person. “Mental illness” is some sort of spiritual difficulty. There is a solution, and it’s not a drug.

I hope & pray/postulate that people stop listening to doctors that prescribe psychotropic drugs. I hope & pray/postulate that people will question the truth of that tainted and corrupt reality.

Minimally, I hope & pray/postulate that our communities stop drugging children because childhood is NOT a mental disorder.

If adults chose to take a drug to avoid painful emotions, if they choose to wear the mental illness title, that is definitely their choice. I still do wish that doctors would advise their patients to healthy alternatives and insurance companies weren’t controlling doctors.

But the treatment of children is a different story & on a completely higher level of intensity. Children- Those spirits with small bodies deserve a chance to live a life without the path of being dependent on prescription drugs, institutionalized repeatedly, getting addicted to street drugs, and then breaking the law and going to jail.

We must look at our humanitarian actions- are we helping or hurting? Please look at the intentions of someone- is it to hurt or help?

At this moment in time, it appears that the government is supporting harmful control of the population by drugging foster youth, the forgotten children, into submission.

Our decisions and treatment of others create a bright future or a bleak one. We need to keep drugs out of our children’s bodies and minds so our children can learn to become healthy adults that contribute to society.

I love you, families, communities, and all humans. We deserve to survive well. In order for that to occur, we must question and look at the truth. Please get in touch with me if you need help.

Take care & be blessed.

Much love, Miriam